Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jackson's visit to Tate's Farms

This afternoon we took a few hours to head over to Tate's Farm for a visit to their pumpkin patch. To say we only went to a pumpkin patch is the understatement of the year. This place has everything.... First Jackson started off by running as fast as his legs allow. So of course we headed to catch him. Jackson has found that he wants to go into whatever direction that we are not planning to go. So we spent lots of time redirecting him. He spend quite a while in the swings and loved them.
Then he went to play in the cotton bin. He was not able to walk really good in the cotton but he did a great flip right after I took this picture.
They had these two tractors there that kids could get into, which was really neat except my child just wanted to drive for about 2 seconds and then run and try to jump out of the side. Keep in mind it was about a 3 foot drop, which he did not understand was a danger.

Also they had this giant pile of tire. Another no fear zone for Jackson. He loved being in the sand but really wanted to jump off the tire.
This would not have ended good except Chad was right there to catch him.

He enjoyed the walk though tires too.
Just a little too tall
Yep that will be a grass stain.... Your welcome Mommy
Jackson also had a good time playing peek a boo around the decorations.
He is hiding BOO

They also had a petting zoo with bunny's, goat's, and a lama. The llama liked my shirt!

Then we took a hayride over to the actual pumpkin patch. Jackson loved the pumpkin patch. He loved all the free space he loved to run from pumpkin to pumpkin. But most of all he wanted to pick up a pumpkin. However, he was not successful.

Here is Jackson and Chad on the hayrideMommy and Jackson on the hayride So many pumpkins and so little time
I love this place......Maybe I can pick this one up.

Oh now maybe I can pick this one up.
Hummmmmm......... I am not even going to try.

We all had a wonderful time and we will definitely be going back next year. I am sure we will be there even longer next year. In addition to all of the things I posted about there were also hay mazes, lots of slides, a concession stand with funnel cakes and lots more.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

These are a few of his favorite things

Jackson's favorite thing to do is to play with his hanger. Not just any hanger but his hanger. Don't try to play a swap on him, he knows his hanger!!!
He also loves to carry one of the throw pillows around with him. They are way to be for him to carry because he falls so much while doing this but he still loves to do it.
Jackson has known for a while how to show us his tongue but it was a little hard to get a picture of this because he only shows it for a second.
Jackson's favorite game is peek a boo. Now he loves to cover some part of his face and when he takes his hand off you need to say "boo". Now he does not always cover his face in fact often he covers his ear. But you as the other game participant must say "boo", even if you did not know you were playing the game.
Another way he plays peek a boo is to duck down behind something and pop up so you can see him. Or duck down to be able to see you. We actually must play this game every morning before I get him out of bed. But in this photo we are playing from opposite sides of an end table.
Finally, if you put Jackson in his high chair while college football is on he does not mind just turning around to watch the tv. This picture is from this past Saturday and he did not eat much because he spent most of his time in this position.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Biggest Little Bama Fan!!

Well I am sure no one is actually shocked that we searched high and low to find a Bama jersey that would fit Jackson. Of course, we looked at a few options to find a jersey that met all of Chad's requirements. So after we found it I took Jackson to the local high school football field to take some pictures. However, it was not so easy to get good pictures because Jackson saw the field and all that running room and all he wanted to do was run run run...... I got way more shots of him running away from me. But he had a wonderful time and did not want to leave. So a big Roll Tide to you all and we hope you enjoy the pictures!