Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pictures of all 3

We have been trying for several weeks to go to get pictures made of all 3 kids. We finally were able to do this Friday in the pouring down rain.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Jackson finds it really funny for me to say Oh I am not sure if it is my voice or what but he thinks its really funny. We got some video of it a few days ago. And yes we know he is getting big for the swing but he still likes it and it says its ok to 25lbs. And this particular swing has now been through 5 kids so I think it's pretty sturdy. Jackson is such a happy little boy and he makes us so happy.

Two teeth!

As I mentioned in a previous post Jackson now has 2 teeth. It took me a while to get a picture but he finally allowed it! It is now through even more he opens his mouth and they just shine. And beware he does know how to use them. OUCH!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My sweet Valentine's Day gift.

Last November my cousin Starr and I went to Christmas Village in Birmingham and I found this picture frame that I loved. However, I would not buy one for myself. So I came home with their web address and showed it to Chad. He apparently called and tried to get me one for Christmas but could not because they were not taking orders. So I was shocked to open my really large Valentine's Day gift. I love this frame and I love my sweet husband for remembering that I wanted it and going through all he did to get it for me. I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful husband who always seems to be listening if I say I want something. Yes you can call it spoiled it if you want and I won't disagree....
Here you can see Jackson helping me open my gift.

Here is the picture of Jackson and me in my wonderful frame!!!

It's been a long long LONG week

Let me start by giving you a run down of our past week. Chad had planned a night away for us to celebrate Valentine's Day. We were to spend the night in Huntsville and have dinner there. Well when we left Jackson with Chad's Mom we knew Jackson had a slight fever but really thought it was due to teething. However, after many calls checking on him and his fever going up and down at 10 pm he was a 98.1 so we decided to stay in Huntsville. Well at 2:30 am we got the call he was running 102.7 fever. I was already awake feeling guilty because I was not with him so we pack up that room in record time and came home. Sunday we took Jackson to the Dr. and everything looked fine. His ears were clear, throat was fine, chest was clear and blood work was fine. So they declared it to be a "fever virus". So from Sunday till Thursday we had a bad week. He ran a fever most every day and most all day. It got as high as 103 several times. We of course were concerned and exhausted. And to top everything off Chad had to go out of town Monday night so I was solo till late Tuesday. I did fine Monday night but Tuesday during the day wore me out!! And to top it all off on Tuesday he also got his 2nd tooth. But a tooth does not warrant a 103 temp. So when he will still experiencing the symptoms on Thursday the Dr.s office had us come back on Friday. So on Friday he had an ear infection in his left ear and fluid on his right ear. So finally something to treat. So of course he gets the famous pink bubble gum medicine. And guess what -- he hates it!! We have also found out during this that he also hates grape flavored things but orange, cherry and apple are fine. So here we are to Sunday and Jackson is as grumpy as he can get. He is not happy and he wants to sleep a lot but fusses when you put him down, but goes to sleep in less than 5 minutes.
I am hoping that this week is much better than last and that I get my happy little boy back. Maybe I was just spoiled because he had never been sick in his 7 months here with us but I do not like sick little ones. We were set to go back to the Dr this week to get the remainder of our preservative free flu vaccine but we are putting that off for a week or so. I just don't see putting his through a shot this week with all he has been through and I do not think he needs a vaccine that contains the flu when he is not at 100%. I know there are some cases of the flu already but Jackson will just stay home most of the time anyway. And who knows if they picked the "right strand" of the flu vaccine this year anyway. Yes as you can tell I am a skeptic.....
Here a a few pictures from last Sunday when we were at the Dr. They had to get blood from his finger and he did not like it at all!!!

This was right after they pricked his finger as you can tell he did not think too much of that nurse.

Here he is showing you his boo boo and his band aid!! Do you know how bad I felt having to hold him while they stuck my sweet little boy twice this week. Wow it made me feel horrible......

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Big Boy is 7 months old

As of last Thursday Jackson was 7 months old. As I have said almost every month Jackson is truly a joy to us and he brightens our everyday. He is learning so many new things and is constantly looking around and taking it all in. He has his own personality now. He has found a new love for being outside and I am so glad. I take him outside as soon anytime the weather is warm enough.

Jackson's 1st Valentines Day

Jackson had a wonderful 1st Valentines Day. On Friday before V-day we went over to MeMaw's so that Jackson and Trip could exchange gifts. Jackson got Trip some candy and Trip gave Jackson a cell phone. The two of them really enjoy playing together and Jackson loves to watch everything Trip does. They will both be so happy when Jackson can walk and they can play more together.

On February 14th Jackson got his gifts from Mom and Dad. He got a few books and some lolly pops. (Do not start lecturing me on lolly pop safety I already know the risk) but Jackson licks on it for a bit then we just throw it away. Mostly he just puts it on his lips and smacks on the sweetness. But his favorite gift was his book that you can put a picture of him in and being the vain little boy he is he loves to look at himself.

Jackson and his "pet"

Ok so I will have to give you some background on this story. I am not a cat person I much rather dogs.. but (yes there is a but on this on) while I was pregnant we found out a cat had given birth to her litter of kittens under our house. I was dead set that we would get rid of them and send them to Papa's farm. I waited till the kittens were about 12 weeks old and I caught the Mommy cat and one of the kittens and they now live happily at the farm. However this one kitten watched me catch the Mommy and her sister and she was not going anywhere near that cage. So I could not help feeding her and she has now in a way became a pet. She is totally an outside cat but she does not like to get around people however Jackson loves to watch her play outside. And she loves to watch Jackson inside. So one day while it is pretty I let Jackson sit out on the deck and of course the kitten who will not go near anyone come right up to him. She almost got too close and Jackson almost got a hand full of her hair. So of course I took some pictures. Oh yea and in case you wondered the kitten's name is Kitty. And yes I did think long and hard about that name.

Jackson's 1st Valentine's Day Card

Here is the Valentine's Day Card that we sent out to Jackson's friends and family. I try to send out things seasonally so that I can remind everyone we love them and are happy to have them a part of our lives.

Playing in the yard

A little over a week ago we all had a chance to go play out in the yard on a very pretty day outside. Jackson had never had the opportunity to feel grass or leaves and he figured out he liked both of them. He kept picking up the grass and just dropping it on him and he wanted to eat the leaves. However he did not like it when he got grass between his toes. Here are a few picts we took. You will notice he has two different shirts on and this is because the 1st one was so soaked in drool that he needed to change.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tagged! Thanks, Karen!!

TAGGED! Thanks, Karen!
Go to your pictures... pick the 4th folder and then the 4th picture..POST IT!! Then tag 4 people!

Ok this is a picture from the hospital of My Granny, Jackson and Me. Yes I look rough but I was cut open the day before. But I am glad that it was a picture of Granny.
Ok now to tag other. I am tagging Brooke, Brandi, Alison C. and Peyton. Can't wait to see what girls post....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jackson Waves Bye-Bye!

Jackson has learned to wave Bye-Bye that is when he is in the mood. He started only waving when I waved at him now he will usually wave when you say bye-bye. He also now loves to clap. Now clapping is much more random he claps just to see himself clap and will not do it when I try to get him to. So thus we have video of waving but none of clapping...

He has also taken up falling asleep in his swing. He has always been a swing boy but now he wants to sit up so he will get so tired while he sits up that when I look over he has fallen asleep. Of course before I move him I take pictures. And might I add his swings batteries get a workout swinging him -- it does not seem to go as fast as it once did.