Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Canada/New England Cruise

We left on September 12th for a 7 night cruise. We left New York and headed to 5 different ports. We visited Newport Rhode Island, Boston Massachusetts, Bar Harbor Maine, St John New Brunswick Canada and Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. I could blog about this trip forever. We are not necessarily "cruise people" but I am not sure there would be another way to see so many places in such a short time. Now I could have used an extra day to see more of Boston and an extra day in Maine to eat more wonderful cheap lobster. I also could have skipped St John altogether. I had to narrow down the pictures I could post on here because it takes so long to upload them but here are a few of my favorites.
In Newport there were hundreds of sailboats
This is before our 1st formal night. At Fenway Park in BostonA Memorial Garden in Boston As we left out of Boston On Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor Maine.A view of the ship as it sat in Bar Harbor As we left Bar Harbor I saw this and thought it was too pretty to pass up.Before our 2nd formal night.

The Statue of Liberty as we arrived back into NYC

Chad as we arrived back into NYC.

Ground Zero site in NYC

My little Bama Boy

These pictures were taken the day before our 1st game vs. Va Tech. I thought they were too cute not to share. Jackson has also learned the touchdown sign but I am having trouble getting a picture of his doing it, but I will keep trying!!

New Shoes

Anyone who saw Jackson from about mid May till late August saw him without shoes. He learned to walk without shoes and I don't think he remembered anything but bare feet. Well as it began to get closer to fall we knew he would need some shoes. I wanted to get supportive shoes but I did not want them to be so heavy that he lost mobility. I mean have you picked up toddlers shoes lately some of them way a ton considering he only weighs 21 lbs. So I found some great stride rite shoes and thankfully they were able to measure his foot, by the way a 5 1/2 wide. When we 1st put them on him in the store he acted as if his feet were stuck to the floor but with in a few minutes he was moving again and has not stopped.

You will notive in this picture that his head is cut off which is because he was running at me in his new shoes.

Paw Paw's Pumpkin Patch

Most years my Paw Paw grows pumpkins in his garden. Now if you know my Paw Paw you will understand if he decides to grow something he will grow a TON of it. And pumpkins are no different. A few weeks ago we went down to his house and took some pictures with his pumpkins and of course picked out our pumpkins for this year.

Hair Cut # 3

Jackson has no problems growing plenty of hair. So back late August he had his 3rd haircut. Shasta always does a wonderful job with Jackson. Now by no means is he an angel during his haircuts but he does not cry or scream he just wants to get down and go. He is not a big fan of sitting still. So I take along lots of hand held toys and finger foods. Also Chad is always able to go with us which provides another set of hands.
After we got home I was able to get a few more picts of my sweet little guy. He is really getting so big and I am not sure I like it!!!