Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

Last Saturday was such a pretty day we decided to take Peyton, Bailie and Jackson to the Zoo. The 1st part of the day Jackson was extremely grumpy because he missed his nap. After he finally got his nap he was in a much better mood. The girls loved the Zoo. However we did realize while at the zoo that Jackson seems to have some spring time allergies. He was puffy and had red watery eyes and a runny nose.
Peyton and Bailie insisted on taking a picture with this bunny and Chad. Here is Jackson at the kangaroo exhibit just before we finally got him to take a nap.Jackson taking the well needed nap that would give Mommy and Daddy their sanity back!!!Jackson after his nap and with his puffy allergy eyes. But he looks much happier now!!!The girls on the carousel. They had to ride it 3 times switching animals each and every time.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Of course you all know that St Patrick's Day is an important day for us. Chad and I were married on St Patrick's Day 2 years ago. So this year we left Biloxi on St Patrick's Day to head home. We hope you all wore your green to avoid the pinch.

Here is Jackson in his "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirt. He was not very into taking pictures so this is the best one we got were you could actually read the shirt. But I will warn you if you kiss him you are going to get kissed back and he gives wet kisses!!!
We took this picture before we left the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi. Of course if you need a picture taken in a casino at 8:30 in the morning the only person you will find is a senior citizen getting off of a bus. It took two different groups to get this one and this was not exactly the picture I wanted but hey at least I got something. My two favorite boys in their St. Patrick's Day shirts. Chad got his shirt in Ireland at the famous Temple Bar and Jackson's shirt was purchased while he was still safely tucked away in my tummy. I think my boys look good in green!!

Our 2nd Anniversary

Our 2nd Anniversary was of course on St Patrick's Day. So we decided to get away for a few days but we did not wanna be too far away from our sweet little boy. So we decided to drive down to Biloxi for a few days. We had a really good time and it was nice to get away for some Mommy and Daddy time. We also got to go out to eat some really good food and actually eat it while it is hot. And we did some outlet shopping in Gulfport. I found tons of things for Jackson and actually found an Easter dress for me too. And as nice as it was to get away it was just as nice to get back to Birmingham and pick up Jackson from my Mom. I understand he had been a good boy (not that Grandparents ever say different). Here are a few pictures from our get away.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Today is Jackson's 2/3rds bday!!

I am not sure how 8 months have went by so quickly. I don't think the 8 months I waited for him to get out of my tummy went by nearly this fast. Jackson is growing and changing every day. We took him to the Dr. this week for the rest of his flu shot and he is up to 19 lbs 9 1/2 oz. That's up 1 lb and 9 oz in 2 1/2 weeks. He did well with his flu shot if you can overlook loud shrieking screams. I think the nurses draw straws to see who has to endure this and the poor lady who got the short straw this day had to endure a lot!!
I thought that I would try to recap my thoughts about Jackson on this momentous 2/3rds of a year birthday. Well you don't have to look too hard to see Jackson looks just like his Dad. Maybe his hair is going to end up a little lighter than it is now but not much. (Now I do realize that for his hair to get as light as mine he would need to visit the salon every 8 weeks so no I don't expect that!!) But he does look so much like his Daddy that I do often look at my C-section scar and recall he is mine too! He however could have my temper. So those of you who know me well yes that means he could get mad at the drop of a hat and he might stay mad for a while. Chad's family says this is also a Matthews trait too so he may have it double. But he did not get this from Chad, because everyone knows Chad is the most laid back, calm and easy going person I know. Jackson has 2 teeth in right now with one more to come in the next few days and another soon there after. So do not put your finger in his mouth cause he will assume it is food and take a bite. (This is not something I will punish him for you are the adult and you should not have stuck it in there) Speaking of food we are having a few eating issues. Jackson loves his baby food and he loves his table food what he does not love is his bottle. In fact he hates it. So if you have a suggestion about this let me know. I will try most anything. I don't think it is the bottle itself because he also does not like his milk from a sippy cup either. (I tasted the formula and personally do not blame him but I know he needs it)

Here are a few pictures I have from earlier this week of my sweet baby boy.
We took this picture behind the chamber here in Scottsboro now this is the only good one I got because all he wanted to do was play with the rocks.

And here is a picture with his cute little hat and polo shirt on he is looking up at his Daddy with the most adoring look. He loves his Daddy so much. Since it is just me and Jackson so often he gets so excited when I get him up and his Daddy is home or when Chad gets him up.
Now for one final note to this blog. Before Jackson was born I got an external hard drive to store pictures on and I just looked back and since he was born I have taken over 4500 pictures. Ok maybe I am obsessive but I just wanna hold on to every tiny moment.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jackson can say his 1st word. And that word is....


Jackson has a wonderful new skill. He can say "Mama"!!! Yep Mama is his 1st word. Now some of you may say no children's 1st word is always Dada well not mine!! And this is very fair since he looks just like his Daddy. For about a week off and on I would think I heard him say it especially when he wants something or he can't see me. However I knew it was a little early for him to talk so I doubted myself. But I guess he has heard plenty of his Mommy talking so I guess the stimulation works. So this morning when he got home from MeMaw and Papa's he said it as soon as he saw me and when I walked away he said it several more times till I came back where he could see me. So I decided that if I could get it on video it would be proof to myself that he is saying it. So I took the 1st video and he said it so I took a few more video's and he said it on them too so here is the 1st video I took. I guess you can be the judge.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jackson's unusual sleeping position

Today during Jackson's nap I heard him making some noises. But not crying so I thought he was just playing then I realized he got quite so I went to check on him and this was initially what I saw.
Yep legs sticking out of the side of his bed. So of course I took a closer look made sure he was ok and then went straight to get the camera. Where I was able to get a closer look at what was going on. Somehow he was still covered up with the exception of his legs of course.