Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jackson's Easter Pictures and Family Pictures!!!

We recently had a very fun afternoon taking pictures out and about with our wonderful little man!! We wanted to get some Easter shots and some new family pictures. We were able to get all of that and more!! I am so happy with the pictures and I hope you enjoy seeing them!!! (Another special thanks to our favorite photographer Ashley!!!!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New pictures Yes I am very excited!!!

Our photographer Ashely (who might I add I love) just got finished editing and getting our newest batch of pictures ready and you can get a sneak peak if you check out Life's Mirror Images Blog in my blog list on the left!!! I am picking up the Cd tomorrow and I will post some more soon!!! But I thought I would show you a few today!!
If you are tired of all of your pictures looking the same and you would like to contact Ashley let me know and I will get you her info!! I really do love the time she spends with us and with a baby that is SO important!! She is so creative and always looking for ways to get the most out of the session!! But at the same time she listens and is open to your ideas!! Unlike some photographers who think they know your child better than you..... Anyway I hope you like the picts and I hope if you need a photographer you consider Ashley.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jackson can pull up!!!!!!

Ok let me give a few instructions 1st about this video. I turned my camera longways to take the video and unlike photos there is no rotate option for video so sorry about the sideways video but I think you can still get the point.

Now for some background. Chad and I were sitting on the couch watching some tv just before we put Jackson to be and Chad looked up and said "he is standing up" so of course we both jumped up and I grabbed the camera. He of course fell down. But right on cue he began to start pulling back up and it took him some work but he finally got himself there. So yes the kid that refuses to crawl can pull up go figure....

After Jackson's pulling up experience I told Chad that now we have to get ready cause he is going to fall and yesterday that event did happen Jackson had pulled himself up at his push behind toy and then splat and even though I piled about 8 pillows around them he missed them all and hit the push toy on his way to the floor resulting in this.......

Jackson's 1st Boo Boo!!

He cried instantly so I knew it was real crying and not just drama tears but it only lasted for about 30 seconds and he was ready to go!

Jackson is 9 months old!!

Again as I post every single month Jackson is growing up so very fast. I love to see him grow and change but at the same time I really do wish I could put it all in slow motion!! So just after the 9 month mark we took him into the pediatrician for his check up and everything looked really good.
His weight was 20 lbs 3 oz which is the 55th percentile
His height was 29 3/4 inches which is the 90th percentile
His head size was 18 inches which is the 75th percentile
He had to get a shot which he never really likes at all but this time we took his favorite toy (yes his remote) so he stopped the yelping shrieking screaming a little sooner. Of course when I first saw his weight I thought he had not gained enough but turns out he was in the 50th percentile at 6 months so he has moved up to the 55th so I guess that is fine. Dr. Anderson prepared us that he may not always eat as good as he does now but keeping him on a schedule would help and if you know me or you have ever kept Jackson you know he is on a schedule. Apparently if you don't allow a lot of snacking especially on junky foods kids eat better so we will stick to this in hopes to keeping our good little eater on after his 1st birthday. I can't believe we are getting so close to his birthday. Wow!!! I have started making a few plans but I will have to get more done soon. We have so much going on between now and July!!
Here is Jackson at the Dr.'s office with his remote!!

Also stay tuned to the blog over the next week or so. We had Jackson's 9 month/Easter pictures/family pictures made about 2 weeks ago and I will be posting some of them soon. I can't wait to see them!!!!

Jackson Feeding Himself

Jackson has started learning to feed himself. Now we are neither brave or crazy enough to let him do this anywhere besides our house. And right now we are sticking with sticky foods like mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, oatmeal and such. However this is still a very messy task. Here is a look at his very first try at it. He really does good at taking the spoon and getting it in his mouth. Now he does not know how to dip it out of the bowl yet so Mommy does that part for him.

Jackson putting his spoon in his mouth
Jackson taking his spoon out of his mouth and now you see why we are staying with sticky stuff for now. Jackson mashed potato covered hand.
Jackson decided to take a look at his bowl. Another reason for sticky foods.

Right after the previous picture Jackson gave his bowl a toss. Splattering the potatoes everywhere!!!! But all in all he ate most of the bowl feeding himself every single bite!! So I was still proud of him!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jackson's 1st Easter

Well Jackson's 1st Easter has come and gone and we think it went wonderful!! He is getting to be such a big boy and his personality shows so much more in everything he does. He of course could care less about the basket but he did find that he liked some of the stuff inside. He of course was not crazy about the fact that the egg hunt was during his nap time but we readjusted his schedule so that everything worked out pretty good. There were a few problems with the special music at church so the Easter music was after preaching instead of before and since Jackson had given the nursery workers enough of a hard time we left and headed on to MeMaw's to put Jackson down for a well needed nap. Only to think "oh no who will take a picture of all of us.... But back to the trusty camera timer and we ended up with a picture I was happy with. I hope you enjoy the photo journal of our 1st Easter with our sweet little man!!

Our family Easter picture taken with the timer!!
Jackson sees his basket but decided to pose for the photo instead of looking at the basket!!
Jackson with the sandbucket from his basket. His favorite part of this was that the shovel makes lots of noise when you bang it in the bucket. Jackson's favorite book. Now there is a side story every time he sees a face with eyes he tries to poke his fingers in them. It does not matter if it's our eyes or anyone's eyes including the babies in the book!!After he opened everything in his basket notice the book is still close by!!!Jackson with his Daddy while he opened his basket. The Easter Bunny brought Chad Chicago style Deep dish pizza's from a pizzeria in Chicago. It is amazing what can be brought via UPS!

Mommy with her sweet Easter basket containing a bottle of perfume, a gift certificate to the Melting Pot in Huntsville and a bottle a wine.

Jackson with his Mommy on EasterJackson and Daddy for EasterJackson hunting eggs in style!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting ready for Easter

I decided that I would like to create an Easter card for Jackson so we headed out to take a few pictures to use for the Easter card. Jackson is getting the idea when it comes to pictures more and more lately I get a good picture on the 1st shot in a particular location. I guess he finally understands that I am not going to stop till he gives me a good one so he does it quickly usually. Here are a few picts we got.

And here is his Easter card.

Monday, April 6, 2009

He is ALL BOY!!

Jackson's personality is developing so much here lately. And oh my he is ALL boy not that this is a bad thing but its going to get interesting around here. I have a few pictures to use as evidence.
Jackson's new favorite to is our spare remote control. We had to give him his own because he would get the one that works the living room tv and would have all kinds of things changed in just a second. So in this picture Jackson is sleeping in his swing but still holding his remote. And after the picture I tried to take the remote and he woke right up and gave me a mean look. I gave it back and he went back to sleep.

In this one Jackson has gotten sunglasses recently and he loves them. I guess he is trying to increase his "cool factor" but I am just not sure you can be too cool when you have a drooling problem.

Now in this picture we gave him cheese puffs and this is how he though you should eat or should I say smoke them. I advised him that if he was ever caught with anything besides a cheese puff between those lips I would extinguish him because I would have to assume he was on fire. He understood. His Dad suggested that he might have just found out we had beat Tennessee this year and this was his imitation cigar. LOL!!

Finally the last thing I have noticed the past few week is that as soon as you take his diaper off to change him he grabs his "boy parts" I have assured him that they will not go anywhere and he does not have to make sure they are always there but he feels the need to check every time. (And obviously no photos are taken of this boy trait).

Friday, April 3, 2009

New car seat

For a while now we have been thinking about going on and getting Jackson a bigger car seat. He was getting SO too big for his infant seat and too heavy to carry him and his seat (at least too heavy for me to carry). We looked for several weeks and we read several consumer reviews and decided on a car set. The only negative is that people said it is hard to install rear facing but we did ok with that and now Jackson is riding in his new seat. We were not sure if he would be able to sleep in his new seat as well but no problem there either. I think he is going to be like me and as long as the car is moving he can sleep anywhere.

Another Bath Time Change

Well Jackson has outgrown his baby bath tub so we began the search for a bath seat. I had quite a bit of trouble finding what I was looking for I guess they don't make this style much more. Probably because someone did not watch their child and they tipped over or something. However on a personal note I think lots of things are unsafe without supervision. Note to parents WATCH YOUR CHILD!! But I digress..... So anyway my aunt found this bath seat at a thrift store and after a good scrubbing by MeMaw with some Clorox it was ready to go. I thought I would show you how bath time has progressed over the last 8 1/2 months and wow things sure change fast with a little one!!

Jackson's 1st bath and boy was he angry about it!!
However soon bath time became one of his favorite things especially when he learned to splash!!!
We finally had to turn his tub around so that he could sit up which he loved.

We 1st tried him in his new bath seat in the sink, but the seat and Jackson just did not fit!!!
So we moved his seat to his tub and he really had a good time although he is not quite used to having so much room.