Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jackson and Hannah Claire

We were able to meet our friends Shane, Brandi and Hannah Claire a week or so ago for dinner and to give HC her birthday gift. As I got home and looked at the pictures I could not help but laugh. They are two really cute kids and Jackson's thoughts must have been something like this ......

Jackson's 1st Pool Outing

Since Jackson was so little last summer this is his first chance to get in the pool at Me Maw and Papa's house. Well as most of you know it seems to be raining a lot lately but this afternoon we saw a brief moment of sunshine and took the opportunity to head over and get in for a bit. Now at 1st Jackson was not happy about the temperature of the water and he glued himself to his Daddy but after he acclimated to the water he loved it. He splashed a ton and even did not mind if it got in his face. So looks like we are going to be spending lots of "pool time" this summer how will I make it. haha!!! Ok so there are perks to being a stay at home Mommy!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

He can crawl FINALLY!!

Lets see Jackson started pulling up a month ago, he can stand alone for a few seconds and he can cruise from place to place but now and only now he decides he might benefit from crawling.... Go Figure!!!! Now I will tell you the 1st time he crawled was out of pure anger that we would not pick him up but now he is figuring out that this is not a bad way to travel. He will only crawl on carpet or on a rug if he gets to hardwood or tile he stops! And he usually stops and stands up on only his hands and feet instead of his knees. Something tells me I am going to have a walker soon!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jackson's 1st Haircut!! And he is 10 months Old!!

On Wednesday Jackson turned 10 months old and oh boy has it went by so fast. He is really growing so much and one thing that has grown a ton is his hair. He had hair when he arrived here and he still has a ton of it and it was starting to get long enough that it was getting into his eyes. So we decided to get it cut but we sort of liked its longer look so we did not get a ton cut.

Here is a before picture of his hair Jackson sat in my lap as Shasta cut his hair. He sat really good and ate his cookies that I brought for him. I worried that he would jump or something but he sat really good and without a tear. He even sat and leaned forward as she cut a little length off his curls in the back. He does still have some curls but the rat tail is gone. Jackson's favorite thing to do was of course to look at himself in the mirror. Here is the after photo as you can tell its still a little long but over his eyebrows now.

Boys Boys everywhere!!

Jackson can be really funny about who he is around well at least when it comes to adults. But this past week we were able to meet Allison and Ethan and Jackson loved Ethan. Of course it helped that he played with Jackson nonstop. It was the best he has ever been in a restaurant. And he ate good on top of everything. In addition Jackson's favorite playmate is still his cousin Trip. This picture was taken Mother's Day at MeMaw's house.

My Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend

My wonderful husband planned a great Mother's Day weekend for all of us. Now as most of you parent's know a relaxed Mommy is a happy Mommy and if Mommy is happy everyone is happy. So Friday night we went for a wonderful gondola ride a Bridge Street, complete with a dinner at Cantina Laredo, and a nights stay at the Westin hotel. We had a great time and really enjoyed our date night and sleeping in for a little bit.

The on Mother's Day we ate lunch with Chad's Mom and family and then came home and I got my wonderful Mother's Day gift from my sweet boys! A spa gift card from the Heavenly Spa and a wonderful Apple Pie Caramel Apple from the Chocolate Crocodile at Bridge Street. So I have scheduled this Tuesday to be my Spa Day so if you need me sorry I am not going to be available.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love photo stuff

Many if not most of you know I am a picture junkie and I love photo stuff. I love editing photos or messing with them to see what I can do. A few days ago I took this picture of Jackson out by our hydrangea which I think is really a pretty color and I decided to play with it a little.
I also I have found some picture frames at Target that I love. They are basically 2 pieces of glass that you place pictures between in any manner that you wish. You can see straight through to the wall behind. I like them so much that I have 2 of these frames. I had so many of Jackson's new pictures that I wanted to put out but not enough places to put them that I decided this collage idea was a good one. The only thing is that it is hard to take a picture of a picture so I know there is a glare but maybe you get the idea.....