Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jackson's 1st tooth.

This morning I was giving Jackson his bottle when he seemed to be doing something funny with his mouth. I felt inside and found he had finally cut his first tooth. I say finally because I had felt the bump for this tooth for about a month but it would not come through. I went to show it to Daddy and then of course started trying to get a picture of it. Here is the only shot he let me have so far. (If I get others later I will post.)

Jackson's 1st trip to the park.

Tuesday was such a pretty day and I knew the rest of the week would be cold so Jackson and I headed to the park. There were only a few things he could play with but he got to feel sand for the 1st time and was in a wonderful mood the entire time we were there. It is so wonderful that his Daddy has a job where he can leave work and join us for some of the time.
Jackson sat on the slide he really did not understand his shoes in the sand.

Jackson in the swing that was way too big for him but he liked it anyway. I just kept my hand on him. His favorite thing was the race car. Of course it was just because he could stand up in it. He loves anything that lets him stand up.This was not his favorite swing although he seemed to fit in it well. Finally the most age appropriate swing but it just did not look really comfy! But he did not seem to care. He loved watching the other kids at the park.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's all about playtime!!

Jackson loves his playtime and for that matter so does Mommy! He has really began to enjoy playing with his toys alone for quite a long period of time now. He loves to just sit in the floor and play and play and play. However if he can't quite reach something he gets mad and if he falls over on his tummy he gets really mad. He hates to be on his tummy! However he loves to stand up. And of course he can't stand alone but he has lots of fun standing at his leap table and playing. Now there is still one thing that ranks above playtime and that is mealtime he loves to eat. Although we had been having problems with his milk we have gotten past that and he now even loves his bottle. We are still introducing the sippy cup and he will drink from it for a bit but then we usually switch back to the bottle but we are starting this a little early so we are just taking baby steps. I really wanna have him to daytime sippy cups by 9 months and be done with the nighttime bottle by 10 months or so. We will see how that goes. The only other issue we are dealing with is dry scalp. So we have changed his shampoo and we will see how that works. Jackson is still the joy of our lives and we love to spend floor time playing with our little guy. It is getting to that point where we don't really remember what we did with all that spare time prior to him arriving.

Here is Jackson playing with his rings and you would be shocked how much noise he can make with these little things.....

Here is Jackson playing with his leap table. He loves the music and the lights.

Monday, January 19, 2009

6 month checkup -- All is well!!

Today Jackson went for his 6 month checkup with Dr. Anderson. I did have to take a bit of grief from him because he is a Gator fan but not too much. He said Jackson was doing wonderful. He now weighs 17 lbs and 15 oz and is 26 3/4 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for weight and height. He gained 1 lb and 7 oz in a month, wow he is growing fast! He is developmentally completely on track and is completely healthy. He did get the 1st part of his flu vaccine and the final dose of his roto virus vaccine. We discussed Jackson's issue with only wanting baby food and not much milk. It turns out I was trying to get him to take much more milk than he had to so there is really no issue here. And we have been on 2 foods for a month already so he said there was nothing to change about his foods. I guess when it is not your 1st baby you tend to do things a little more by what your baby seems to want than what the books say. We are going to also start introducing a sippy cup. So I will let you all know how that goes.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jackson's new hat

For 6 months we have been looking for a Bama hat that fit Jackson. So on his 6 month bday I had a dr.'s appt and Chad took the afternoon off to go with me and Jackson. We walked around the mall and went out to eat. It was nice to spend some time together with really nothing that had to be done. However, we went into a Alabama merchandise store and we found a hat that fit his head perfectly. So of course we bought it!! Jackson does not mind it at all. So right now he is practicing being a "big boy". He is laying in the floor watching a 46" TV with his Bama hat on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jackson is 6 months old today!

Well today is a wonderful day in our house. Our sweet baby boy is 6 months old today. I can't believe it really time has flown so fast. It seems like yesterday that I was big huge pregnant and just wanting to hold him for the 1st time. But this half year has been so full of memories that have made me laugh and cry. My first real memory occurred before we left the operating room. I got to watch them hand Jackson to his Daddy and I watched as Chad walked out of the OR carrying Jackson. It looked like the most natural thing for both of them. Jackson had been screaming in the OR but in his Daddy's arms he was quiet and calm. And my most recent memory was when I walked into his room at 9:13 this morning (he was born at 9:13 am) a he looked up from his bed and gave me the biggest smile ever. He makes my heart melt with that smile, and those eyes, and those dimples wow those dimples!!!

We are also so blessed to have such a happy and healthy boy. Knock on wood but Jackson has not been sick at all. He had a stuffy nose for about 2 days and other than that he has not been sick at all. He eats wonderfully and rarely ever turns down any baby food. In addition, most nights he sleeps through the night till around 6:00. And have I mentioned that smile!!!

So of course to document the occasion I took a few pictures of Jackson this afternoon to share with you all. Thanks to all of you who have kept up with Jackson's life over the past 6 months. Your comments have kept me motivated to keep blogging. I have also decided (thanks Peyton J. for the idea) to print out all of the blogs and put them into some sort of book form to keep for the future. Being a boy he will probably never wanna read it but when he is 16 and driving me crazy I can look back to a sweeter time....

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Baby is almost 6 months

My sweet baby boy is going to be six months next week and although we are having official 6 month pictures made later this month we took Jackson to The City Park to take a few shots today. We got some wonderful pictures.

I guess I really have not made a post about the new year either. Well I am just not sure how 2009 could be much better than 2008 but if it can bring it on!! Jackson has been a wonderful addition to our lives. In his short 6 months he has brought us so much joy and happiness. We are truly blessed to have such a happy and healthy little boy. You have not lived until you have experienced the unconditional love of a child. So here is to hoping and praying for a wonderful 2009 full of happiness, excitement and most of all wonderful memories we will always cherish.