Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jackson is 2!

I do not know where the time has gone. Jackson is growing up so fast and it is very hard for his Mommy to loose her baby boy. However, he is getting so smart and learning so many new things that amaze me every day. He has learned to count to tortteen (14) and he is so proud to show you this skill if he is in the mood! He is also very mechanical and is constantly trying to take things apart and put them back together. Yes right now this is on a small scale but I fear the day when I walk in and he has taken something important apart.
On July the 11th we had Jackson's birthday party at MeMaw and Popee's house since our has was still not ready. We had a fun pool party with an amazing Thomas cake. Jackson was not sure about his cake at first so he stayed away from it, then he tried to touch the flame and finally he blew out the candle! Then as soon as the cake was cut Jackson headed right to the pool! He has spent most of the summer swimming swimming swimming so he thought the pool party was a wonderful idea!!!

Special thanks to our favorite photographer who takes pictures at events also. I know one day she will be too busy to do 2 year old parties but until then I am always so happy she is able to capture moments that I will always cherish!! To see more of her work check it out at:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A 5 month update on us!!

Ok well I know it has been forever since my last post. I always have the best of intentions but somehow life just gets in the way and I got farther and farther behind. I really began to think of the "catch up" blog as a monster I wanted to avoid. I had thoughts of a 200 pic blog with text resembling the length of a term paper, and that was just not a good thought for me. So I gave myself some tough limits. The Jackson section of the blog will be limited to no more than 3 pics per month. And I will be catching everyone up on the "big stuff" from the last few months.
So of course I will start with the Jackson portion of the blog. First, I never blogged about Christmas so lets start there. Christmas was wonderful at our house and Jackson loved all of the new toys he got. Now let me say he is not in the I love Santa fan club. But he does love the haul of new things he got from the big fellow and everyone else. His favorite toy was his sound effects Elmo kitchen.

Jackson and our Tree on Christmas Eve!
Jackson on Christmas Morning as he walked into the living room to find all his gifts from Santa. He just froze and looked at all the stuff that he was sure was not there last night.....Jackson spent most of Christmas Day cooking in his Elmo kitchen. I bet he opened and closed those doors a few hundred times just that one day!!
January was also very eventful for Jackson and for our team of course. So the day before "The Game" Jackson came down with a stomach virus and was really sick. The day of the game we had a snowfall and the roads got a little messy. We cancelled going anywhere and watched the game just the 3 of us. But as for the game we loved it and Jackson stayed up for the entire game and it was very nice to watch the game with my 2 favorite boys. So the day after the game Jackson was still very sick and later that night he got dehydrated and needed to go to the ER. So at 11 pm we headed to Huntsville to the pediatric ER for an IV. Jackson felt so bad and I had gotten so worried about him. I was relieved that he got the IV and almost instantly started feeling much much better .

For a few minutes I thought Jackson was over his virus and we took him out for a few quick pics. Bbut after about 2 minutes and 5 or 6 pics he was so tired, that we did not play we just headed back in to get back in his pj's. Chad and Jackson after the "BIG WIN"!!!! And this is how they spent most of the game also. But no matter how our plans changed earlier that day the ending that night was perfect. Gotta love watching my boys watching our team win it all!
Moving on to February and Valentines Day and guess what more snow...... Jackson was able to enjoy the snow much more this time around. Although, he was not so sure about it at 1st he quickly figured out how fun it was and had a blast!!

Jackson, Chad and I spend lots of time outside playing in the snow and we even took the time to build our own Bama snowman!!
Jackson loved the snow and might I say has some really good snow boots for his adventure! Like many holidays Jackson is not able to see all of his family on the actual day so I do my best to send out cards and such to help celebrate the occasion. This was one of the pics I took that was on his Valentines Day card for 2010.

Moving on to March. I will explain more of this later but we put our house up for sale and actually sold it in March. We took every chance we could to play in the yard and enjoy our deck before the move. But guess what March also brought .... yep more snow! At this point it was getting a little bit old. (There were actually 2 more small snows that did not make the cut for the blog). And one Sunday we took Jackson to Popee's (Chad's Dad) farm. I thought he would be scared of everything but no he wasn't He was not scared of the chickens walking all around him, the goats less than 6 inches from him or even the cows when they were mooing. He loved all the open area and time to run. Oh yea and those snow boots had another use.

Here is Jackson with the chickens right at his feet

Here his Popee is showing him a 2 day old baby goat.

Jackson and the snow from March.

Jackson playing in the back yard about a week before our move.

Now on to the update for April and finally some nicer weather. We are not huge fans of the lack of space we have in the rental house so we spend lots of time out of the house. Be it with friends or family, at the park or at our new house site we were out a lot of April. In addition, in April we had lots of fun as we celebrated Easter. Jackson was not so sure about the tie I got for him but he looked really cute!! Now if someone can just tell me how to get his shirt to stay tucked in. I just gave up and let him wear it out.

One of our park adventures. Jackson really loves the park and is not scared of anything!Jackson on Easter as he opened his basket. My big boy in his Easter outfit!!

Now up to the housing situation update. In February we decided to sell our house and build a new house. So we did a few little things that needed to be done and placed it on the market. The house was shown 3 times and we got an offer and exactly 1 week after we listed the house and it was sold. We had just over 3 weeks to find a place to live for the next few months and to move there! Yes it was more than crazy. But we found a small older house to rent until our house is built. It has been a huge adjustment for all of us but we are making it work. About 2 weeks ago ground was broken on our lot and we now have footings poured and the block laid for the crawl space foundation. We hope by the end of next week to have walls up. Our builder says that we will be in the house by the 1st of September. I am a bit skeptical of this but I hope he is right!! We have been making lots of decisions the past few weeks from paint, to lights, to fixtures and on and on. I am an over thinker and this process has been exhausting.

So now we are up to date. I will try to do a better job of keeping this current from now on. But if I don't well you know that life again got in the way!!!