Friday, October 31, 2008

Jackson's 1st Halloween

Trick or Treat to you all!!!

I can't believe Jackson's 1st Halloween is here already. Just one very quick year ago were were going to infertility appointments all the time and now I have a great little boy! He is getting so big. I bought his costume a couple of months ago and was just sure it would be WAYYYYYY big on him. Well I tried it on him two weeks ago and it fit perfect and when I tried it on last night well I saw that the pea had outgrown his pod!! We only took him to a few places and since we live so far away from lots of our friends and family we sent out Halloween cards I hoped I timed the mailings so that they received them today. My Mom called today to tell me she got it so I guess my plan was successful.

We also made cards for our friends and family that live close by. I use Creative Memories digital scrapbooking program

We have a maple tree in our yard that is only 3 years old but this year it has turned out to be quite pretty so we decided to get a family picture in front of the tree (Thank goodness for timers on cameras).

I love to decorate for every holiday and Halloween is no exception. Here is how our decorations looked this year. Lots of people noticed and commented on our Bama pumpkin.

Finally, Jackson got toys for this Halloween since he can't eat candy. I guess I could have gotten him some oatmeal cereal but I am sure he prefers the toy!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Busy but Productive Week

This week has been very busy at least for me but it has also been very productive. Last week when we took Jackson to the pediatrician he gave us the ok to start on some cereal with him. So Monday night we started rice cereal. Jackson really liked the cereal. We have been putting cereal in his bottle since he was about 3 weeks old so I guess he has had a small taste of it before. He already gets mad if you don't get it into his mouth fast enough. Well by Thursday we decided we needed to change to oatmeal cereal because he had some tummy troubles with the rice (aka was a bit stopped up). So we gave him the oatmeal cereal starting then and he also really likes it but his tummy is still not normal but is getting better.

Here is a picture of Jackson with his dinner... Doesn't it look yummy!!!
Here is a picture of Jackson eating just look at those cheeks.

Part of the reason we started cereal was in hopes of getting him to sleep all night and stop waking up at 2 am every night for a bottle. Well guess what we have success. YEA!!! Monday night and Friday night he woke at 4:30 but I did not have to give him a bottle and he went right back to sleep. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights he slept till 6:30 am. However, we did figure out that his room is really bright in the morning so we had to darken the windows to get him to go back to sleep in his bed at 6:30. But I guess all in all this was a very productive week for me in that Jackson sleeps!!!
This week was also Jackson's cousin Trip's 2nd Birthday. Now Jackson is not sure what to think of Trip yet but Trip loves his "Jacks". He wants to see him and boss him. He must decide where Jacks sits and what he does. And since Jackson does not talk back yet they have a wonderful time. Friday was his actual birthday so we went over to MeMaw and Papa's for a mini party so Trip was happily showing Jackson his new John Deere tractors.

Friday night Jackson stayed with MeMaw and Papa till about 11:00 so that Chad and I could have a date night. We went to bridge street in Huntsville and ate at Cantina Laredo, went shopping, and to a movie at Monaco pictures

Saturday we of course spent the day waiting for the Bama game to come on. We were of course very happy with the outcome of the game. It is so wonderful to watch this season unfold and to watch our team win and win again!! We took some Bama pictures of Jackson this week.

Sunday afternoon we went to Trips actual Birthday Party. It was a John Deere party and he now has enough John Deere tractor pieces to play with a different one every day for the next year. It is so neat to see the pure joy of a child opening a present that they really love. I can't wait for Jackson to be able to understand everything that was going on today. (But on second thought he is growing up too fast as it is so maybe I can wait!) Papa really wanted Jackson and Trip to take a picture with him but with a 2 year old and an infant that was not so easy but we finally got one that was pretty good.

After we got home we decided to carve one of our 3 pumpkins. Chad decided he wanted a Bama pumpkin so I drew out a layout for the pumpkin and we got ready to carve it. We decided we would carve mine and Jackson's tomorrow night. It seemed like it was very cool outside tonight so I bundled Jackson up to take him out with us. However you will notice Chad was in a t-shirt and I have Jackson dressed for the North Pole. I am not sure who was not dressed properly but Chad has to dress himself. haha...

After we carve our other pumpkins I will add them so look for more than just the weekly blog this week. I hope you all have a Happy Halloween and a great week. Dont't forget to comment so I know who all is reading.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wow he is a growing boy!!

Well most of you have seen pictures of Jackson and see that he is really growing. Well today we went to the Dr. to get 2 of his shots. Normally you would not take a baby in at 3 months but we are doing an alternate shot schedule so it required a visit at 3 months. So Dr. Anderson did a quick check up and we weighed the little man. Well in one month he went from 12 lbs 2 oz to 14 lbs 5 oz. So needless to say Dr. Anderson was pleased with his growth (of course he is not the one getting up every night to feed him at 2 am). But I would rather have a demanding eater than one who you can't get to eat. He also noticed the stream of drool hanging from Jackson's mouth and thinks he will be teething early. Other than that he said everything was fine and Jackson was healthy. We will go back for the regular 4 month check up on November 13th.
You have to stay undressed so long that we decided to cover Jackson up. But there was no way that he was going to keep his feet under the cover. He hates cover. He likes to cuddle with his blanket but not to cover up with it.

During the past week Jackson got to visit with 3 of his Great-Grandparents. I am so glad that he has the benefit of them in his life. When I was a child I lived near my Great-Grandparents and it gave me memories that have lasted till this day. Some of us are not lucky enough to have them around but he is so we are going to try to have Jackson see them as often as possible.

We had a wonderful weekend this past week. We went down to my Mom's on Friday so that we could go to the game Saturday. Wow these games are ageing me quickly. I love to go to games but the benefit of replay you get at home is so nice. I never even knew why we got the excessive celebration penalty till Monday. But the excitement and atmosphere in the stadium is wonderful. You just can't beat sharing the drama in the stadium. I do love it!!! Sunday we mostly hung around Mom's and then took Jackson to the Dr. Monday morning before coming home.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this weeks blog up. I will do better next week.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jackson's 1st Vacation

We left last Thursday for a well deserved and needed get away. Due to Jackson's birth neither we nor Chad's parents went on a summer vacation so we ventured to the Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Tennessee. As you other Bama fans know our lives in the fall pretty much revolve around Alabama football. This was an off week for Bama (although Chad did keep up with all the other games via my cell phone's internet). We had never traveled anywhere for more than 2 days with Jackson so there was no way to know how he would do, but he was wonderful. We rented a chalet out in the woods (deep in the woods) and we really enjoyed spending time in the swing. Jackson was constantly looking around at all of the different scenery. The 1st day we went to Dollywood and Jackson was held by MeMaw for most of the day (something she loves to do) while Chad and I rode the rides there. And if you are going may I recommend the Mystery Mine if you like roller coasters.

The second day we went to the outlet mall and to the Apple Barn. While we were there he experienced his 1st taste of something besides milk and cereal. He got a taste of apple butter and some of the juice from the wonderful fried apples. And as you can tell from this picture I took shortly afterwards he liked them a lot.

We took this picture just before dinner at Damon's in Pigeon Forge.

The third day we drove over to Gatlinburg for the day. We walked the streets looking in the many little shops. We took Jackson's stroller for him to ride in but he really did not want any part of that stroller. As usual he wanted Mommy. So we strapped him in and headed down the street. Jackson really seemed to enjoy looking around at all the people and things.

Before dinner at The Peddler we changed Jackson into his Lucky Kid shirt. This was the 1st thing I allowed Chad to buy when I was pregnant. It looked like a shirt that could work for a boy or a girl so even before we knew what we were having we bought it. So when I noticed that both Chad and Jackson had on their Lucky shirts of course I had to get pictures! I love both of my boys so much!!

3 months old!!

My sweet baby boy is now 3 whole months old. Where has the time gone? We were in Jackson's room this afternoon and Chad suggested that I replace one of Jackson's pictures with a more current one. I advised him I would not be doing this because that picture is the only reminder in his room of my "little" baby boy. He has changed so much and grown so much since that picture was taken. Here are some pictures to show you how he has changed


At 1 month

At 2 months

At 3 months

As I have said before yes I want him to grow up and learn to do new things (like sleep all night haha), but I also want him to do it very slowly. Most of you know I do not like to be pregnant. I do not glow, I get anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure and I am sick. So Jackson will be my last baby. And if he could be Mommy's little boy as long as possible I would appreciate it!!

Now I have promised a blog for our recent trip and I will get it done either later tonight or tomorrow just depending on when Jackson lets me!! Oh yea and I know Jackson is a Mommy's boy and as I have said before since I carried him 9 months I think I deserve for him to be a Mommy's boy at least until he can walk (then I am sure he will prefer Daddy).

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jackson's 1st Bama Game at 12 weeks old

This Saturday Jackson went to his 1st Alabama game. At 1st we were nervous about taking him to a game because there was no way we could know how he could do but he did wonderful. Prior to the game we tailgated with our friends Shane, Brandi, and Hannah Claire Miller at her Mom and Jack's RV. We had Dreamland Ribs and some wonderful cornbread salad. Then we left and rode the shuttle to the stadium. Jackson of course had to eat as soon as we sat down in the stadium. Then he stayed awake the rest of the 1st quarter. He slept through the 2nd quarter and woke up to hear the Million Dollar Band's halftime show. Then he wanted to eat again during the 3rd quarter. Now this was way earlier than he should have wanted to eat but to keep the peace he got to eat. Then he slept though the 4th quarter and most of the way back to the RV. Here are some pictures from the wonderful day!

Jackson took a power nap prior to going to the game.

Jackson and Hanna Claire in their Bama gear. She is a little over 2 months older than Jackson. Jackson needed a shoulder to lean on (and of course he found a pretty girl to lean on)!Jackson chillin' in the RV
Jackson watching the game it was a little to warm to wear pants. I have a new program that allows me to edit a picture I thought this was pretty cool that I could take all the color out except for Jackson. Here is a before and after...

Jackson sleeping in his bjorn during the game.

Jackson enjoying some Daddy time

Jackson and his Mommy

Jackson, Mommy, & Daddy

It was not pretty at times but it was a win! And so Jackson was happy for his 1st Bama game and win.

Now for our next adventure with him we will be leaving for Gatlinburg on Thursday to stay till Monday. So for you regular readers (I know there are at least 5 of you) I may not blog till we get back but you can always check!!
Oh yea Jackson got a pair of New Balance shoes last week I thought they were so cute so I wanted to share this one last picture with you all.