Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Last year Halloween was Jackson's 1st holiday. He was the cutest little pea in a pod. And it is amazing what changes a year can bring. This year Jackson went as a Grease 50's Dude. Now one this was the same from last year. Jackson has no interest in the actual process of trick r treating. But I guess that will be next years change.....
Here is the 2 year comparison of my sweet little boy. Now the process of creating a 50's Grease Guy was really easy except the hair so here is what was required for the hair.
Step 1: Wet it down good Step 2: Apply LOTS of hair product to get it to stand up stiff
Step 3: Twist and twirl hair and spray, spray and spray some more.
Apply black leather jacket, roll up pants and put on white socks and black shoes and you have the spitting image of an original 50's guy.

Oh yea and we also went to a Halloween party with the theme of "tragic endings" so we went as a vampire and someone bitten by a vampire.


Brandi said...

How cute!

Monica said...

He is so cute! I wondered what you and Chad decided to be. Funny!

Marty & Peyton James said...

He is such a handsome little man!!! Can't get over how much he has grown! Hope things are going great with you guys!