Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tree 2009

Upon getting home with our '09 Christmas tree we did encounter some small problems.
Problem 1: The 1st time we set up the tree it was NOT straight. Now the blame for this can go in many directions but nevertheless the tree was leaning. BAD. This was a problem for me and for Chad. So 4 sticks and 1 brick piece later the tree is now straight.
Problem 2: Our brand new from Home Depot tree stand specifically made for trees over 8 ft (ours is 9) leaked. This was a problem that we did not discover until the tree was in the stand. But leave it to the red neck repair kit and duct tape it was fixed no problem. And almost 4 weeks later it is still holding strong!!
Problem 3: Jackson was napping as we decorated the tree. So we decided that we would put all the breakable ornaments up high so Jackson could not destroy them. We separated the ornaments into a breakable and non-breakable area and we got all the non-breakables on the tree and guess what..... Chad's phone rings and he needs to go to the office to help a customer. (And since he is paid via commission he headed in). So of course Jackson wakes up screaming and all the breakable ornaments are still in the floor. And I as any good Mommy go into his room get him out of his bed. Then I make sure he has all of his favorite toys to play with and then shut his door and leave him in his room by himself to quickly put the ornaments on the tree and let him out to see our Bama Christmas Tree.
Jackson looked at the tree -- tried to touch one thing --- Mommy said NO NO and he now acts as if it is normal to have a 9 ft tree growing in our living room.

Here is Jackson after we fixed the leaking problem
Here is the tree with lights
Here is our Bama Tree. Now I am sure Bama Tree's are all the craze this year but no our Bama tree dates back to 1998. I started my Bama tree in '98 and when Chad built his house in '05 he started a Bama tree also. In '06 our Bama tree's joined forces and got it's tree topper (Yes a Houndstooth hat) and the rest is Crimson Tide history.
Here are some of our Bama decorations on the tree.

As most of you know Jackson also has a Bama baby room (see post from May or June 2008) and so I thought this stocking made a perfect door decoration.
Here is Jackson after I let him out of his room and he saw the tree for the 1st time.

And of course like any curios little boy he had to touch it.


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We have the same stockings!! I need one more though. Stein Mart only had 2 and I had bought one last year.